Surgeries for Teeth Alignment or Corrective Jaw Alignment

Surgeries for Teeth Alignment in India

Things you must know about surgeries for Teeth Alignment or Corrective Jaw Alignment

Surgical procedure can be used to correct misaligned or crooked teeth. The specific type of surgery recommended will depend on the severity of the problem and the individuals specific cosmetic concerns. One of the most common surgeries for teeth and jaw alignment or teeth straightening is orthognathic surgery.

The 5 golden questions on corrective jaw surgeries

What is corrective jaw surgery?

Orthognathic surgery, also known as corrective jaw surgery is a procedure that involves surgical repositioning of the jaws to correct irregularities in the bite or jaw alignment. In other cases it is just a cosmetic procedure to enhance the beauty of the face at rest and smiling.

It can involve a single jaw surgery or a combination of upper and lower jaw surgeries.

Corrective Jaw Orthognathic Surgery in India by Dr Ujjwal Gulati

What are the goals of corrective jaw surgeries?

  1. Rectify functional problems
    a. Difficulties with chewing
    b. Sleep apnoea / snoring
    c. Difficulty in breathing
  2. Enhance the esthetic appearance of face

Who performs the jaw surgery?

The surgery is performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in collaboration with an orthodontist.

The role of the orthodontist is to move the teeth into favourable position by use of the braces. The surgeon performs the surgery to put jaws into the best planned position three dimensionally. The orthodontist finally does the final leveling and settlement of teeth (if required).

Surgeries for Teeth Alignment, Jaw Surgery - best orthodontist in Delhi

What is the cost of corrective jaw surgery in Delhi-NCR, India?

The cost of facial cosmetic surgery depends upon the type and number of procedure required. It can be as low as INR 10,000 for a simple procedure under local anesthesia or even as high as INR 500000 for a complex facial surgery.

What are the different types of face surgeries?

Let us tell you about the eleven cosmetic facial surgical procedures which can bring about life transforming esthetic enhancement in your face.

Corrective Jaw Surgeries

These surgeries are aimed at repositioning one or both jaws. the most commonly used techniques for upper and lower jaw surgeries are Lefort 1 osteotomy (Complete Upper jaw), Anterior Maxillary Osteotomy (frontal half of Upper jaw) Bilateral Sagittal Split Osteotomy (BSSRO).

Chin Surgeries

Chin surgeries are also called Genioplasty. They are used to alter the profile and shape of the chin. We can narrow down, broaden, add prominence or reduce the projection of the chin using this surgery. These surgeries are also helpful in treating asymmetric faces.

Malar or Zygomatic Surgeries

This surgery is used to make the cheek bone more prominent. Many females want the prominent cheek bones for their face to look more attractive.

V-line Surgery

This surgey is used to make the face look more slim and tapered. It adds the feminine touch to a round or less tapered face.

Buccal Fat Removal

It is aimed at removing fat from the cheeks. This procedure is also used to make the face look less round. It adds sharpness to the prominences on face. The cheek bones and nose look more prominent once the cheeks loose fat.

Dimple Creation

A lot of people have fascination for dimples. If you haven’t got them naturally, we can create them for you with a very minor surgery.

Lip Repositioning Surgeries

The upper lip length can be altered using surgical procedures. It may be shortened or lengthened as per the esthetic requirement.

Lip Thickness Alteration

  1. Lip debulking: This procedure is very useful in patients with excessively thick lips or people with slim or small face with moderately thick lips.
  2. Lip Fullness With Fillers: Fuller lips are found more attractive by many people. This procedure is done to add bulk to vry thin lips or moderately thin lips in otherwise large face.

Nose Surgeries

Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as “Nose job” is a surgical procedure to address various esthetic issues, the most common being nasal tip elevation and thinning at base of nose.


This procedure is useful for patients with pigmentations, mild scars, irregularities in texture of facial skin. It is the controlled removal of the top layer of skin of the face so that a healthier and new skin can replace it.

Warts and Mole Removal

It is the painless removal of unesthetic moles and warts from the face and neck. It is done with lasers and has beautiful healing.

laser mole removal centre in Delhi India

Orthognathic surgery is a complex procedure that requires careful evaluation and planning by a team of specialists. If you’re considering this treatment option, it’s recommended to consult with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Indiadens is the best dental Clinic in Delhi NCR to get your jaw and face surgeries done. Dr Ujjwal Gulati, one of the best corrective jaw surgeons in Delhi-NCR, India leads the team of corrective jaw surgeons, making Indiadens one of the most advanced and popular centers for cosmetic and corrective jaw surgeries of face in Delhi NCR for such procedures.

Indiadens also possesses high-end infrastructure like a specially designed minor OT (Operation Theater) and cutting-edge technology to support the surgical team.

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