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My experience with Indiadens was painless and wonderful.

I had brought out my mother for her dental treatment here, but it turned out that I myself had multiple cavities, one of which went deep and required a root canal treatment.

Now the treatment took place during this pandemic and unfortunately I had to extend the gap between my visits due to lockdown. But the doctors – Dr. Upasana Mathur & Dr. Ujjwal Gulati – kept checking on me if I feel any kind of pain, or if the pain is towards the extreme end they would be willing to fix up an appointment even during these times!

At the end, not only did I come out with a set of solid painless teeth, but also with a basic knowledge of the equipments that dentists use and how the treatment is done – only because Dr. Mathur likes to share her wisdom. Also, I trust the doctors here blindly, else I wouldn’t have made 25km trips for each visit and would have found a nearby clinic instead.

Thank you for your hardwork. And I look forward to future regular checkups. 🙂

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